The Power of Purpose

The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) is one of the most prestigious organizations in advertising. In need of a brand refresh­–one that helped position them as a source for creative inspiration, and accentuated their dedication to advancing the advertising industry–we gave them a movement. Introducing the Conscious Creative Movement. A celebration of the power of purposeful creativity, and those who use their talents to make positive change in the world.

To launch this movement, we created an entirely new online portal housing inspiring, in-depth videos featuring artists and industry thought-leaders like Kat Gordon, Founder of 3% Movement; Robert Vargas, world-renowned artist/muralist; Bill Oberlander, Founder of Oberland; and many more. We created an anthem video to generate buzz, and leveraged the 4A’s, and our Conscious Creators’ social channels, as well as a robust PR campaign, to spread the word.

Like any great movement, this is an ongoing, ever-evolving drive to educate and inspire the change our world–and industry–so desperately needs. And through the Conscious Creative Movement, we can.