As a brand that started as a female-founded business, Stacy’s has been focused on helping other female founders rise through the Stacy’s Rise Project. This year, we worked with Stacy’s to evolve the Rise Project and help more women by sharing what’s needed most during the COVID-19 crisis—their resources. That’s why, with the #ShareForHer campaign, Stacy’s is sharing their ad space, their expertise, and their financial support with 15 female founders who are giving back to their communities. We launched the campaign with a manifesto video explaining the Rise Project and celebrating the 15 winners. We gave creative direction to these finalists so they could shoot their own content. Then, we turned the footage into tailored ads for each of the founders. In addition, we created a Her-Commerce platform by sharing Stacy’s hub on Amazon to help amplify the founders’ selling channels. But we are just getting started, so stay tuned because soon we will be revealing more ways to help even more female-founded businesses across the country. Because when we all share, we all rise. #ShareForHer