Kia product demos become a thrilling action film

With top-of-the-line tech and safety features, Kia vehicles are better than ever. But things like Lane Keeping Assist and MPG range don’t exactly get the heart racing. We set out to change that, while demonstrating Kia’s most impressive range of features yet. We created The Features Film, a blockbuster action thriller where Kia’s vehicles, and features, take center stage. The story centers on a getaway driver trying to escape from a ruthless crime syndicate. Playing out over one night, the driver’s escapades showcase eight Kia models and 13 different features, each playing a role to help him stay one step ahead. The story was constructed so that each feature stars in its own 15-second standalone episode, which were used in targeted media online. Put together, those episodes combine to form the full six-minute short film. Buckle up, press play, and see what happens when feature demos Give It Everything.