Bringing Education One Step Closer

Children in the West African country of Sierra Leone walk up to nine miles to get to school - down dirt roads lined with deadly snakes, through monsoons, in 100-degree heat with little to no drinking water, past abandoned diamond mines filled with malaria-ridden water, and around bends dominated by traffickers. And that's just one-way. To help raise awareness and funds to build another school closer to the children's homes we created a powerful campaign that includes, OOH posters and billboards. The campaign also consisted of a social initiative on Instagram featuring 9 influencers who tagged each other consecutively in one of the 9 miles of the children's journey. Influencers include Zoe Kravitz (@zoeisabellakravitz), Rosario Dawson (@rosariodawson), Nura Afia (@nuralailalov), Sammy Wilk (@sammywilk), Cree Summer (@iamcreesummer), and Saul Williams (@saulwilliams). The nine-mile online journey helps contextualize the walk, which can take kids 3-5 hours on foot (and users 3-5 hours to scroll through). As you scroll, you'll follow a group of students and experience the many dangers they encounter as they journey to school. Each donation aids in providing essential building materials and helps decrease the distance between children and the education they deserve.