A Smarter Kind of Crossover

Integrated Campaign

These days, it seems a lot of people want to do their part to the help the environment. And everywhere you turn, there’s another celebrity trying to be the next eco-warrior advocate. But let’s face it. It’s not easy, saving the trees, the whales or the rhinos. Enter the Kia Niro. It was designed to be a stylish crossover utility vehicle while being eco-friendly. In fact, since it’s the only crossover that gets over 40 MPG, you can do your part without hurting yourself. For this year’s Big Game commercial, we find Melissa McCarthy on a mission to save the environment. Unfortunately, she realizes that it’s extremely difficult to be an eco warrior. Not only does she have to brave the elements, but she also comes face-to-face with other extreme dangers. Like chainsaws. And angry rhinos. Luckily, she drives the Kia Niro: A smarter kind of crossover. So even if she doesn’t continue on her eco adventures, she’s still being an eco-warrior by driving the Kia Niro.