News - 09.18.19

400 Puerto Ricans Gifted New Homes After Hurricane Devastation

A total of 116 homes devastated by superstorms Irma and Maria nearly two years ago were donated roofs by the 100Roofs Project -- which exceeded its goal.

News - 09.11.19

Stacy's Pita Chips Inspire Women "To Rise"

Inspired by founder Stacy Madison's story and wishing to give back, Stacy’s Pita Chips has now created a new social campaign with creative agency David&Goliath titled, “Time to Rise.”

News - 08.23.19

David&Goliath Has A New Chief Strategy Officer

Creative agency David&Goliath has named Laura Forman its chief strategy officer. Forman will lead the agency’s strategy across its client base.

News - 07.10.19

Kia Stinger GTS runs with wild horses in west Texas

Shot in and around Marfa, Texas, the campaign sets Kia’s newly-introduced Stinger GTS against the beautiful and inhospitable expanse of West Texas.

News - 06.26.19

For the Brave Who Want to Speak Up: David&Goliath's Pride Initiative

Start from a place of humility. Learn about intersectionality. Embrace that one queer story does not represent all queer stories.

News - 06.20.19

Pa'lante' Documentary Raises Awareness & Helps Rebuild Puerto Rico

Pa'lante' (meaning Forward) is a documentary that follows the devastating consequences of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico. And tells the story of how Today, I'm Brave's 100Roofs Project is helping rebuild the island.

News - 06.14.19

Mental Health Conditions Are Becoming More Visible in Advertising -- And That's Leading Shops to Take Action

David&Goliath recently introduced an additional day of paid time off earmarked for mental health. But most companies lack codified policies or support systems, and progress is coming only slowly.

News - 05.28.19

4A's Launches Conscious Creative Movement with David&Goliath

It’s a new breed of purpose-driven powerhouse that brings together heart-driven creators who believe ideas and positive thinking can change the world for the better.

News - 05.17.19

Yumi Prentice in Thrive Global: “Don’t just network — community build”

The purpose of networking and the only way for it to actually be useful to anyone, is to find ways to be helpful to each other.

News - 05.17.19

Jack in the Box Leaps into ESports with Delightful Full House Parody for Dallas Fuel

Using the great vehicle that is Blizzard's Overwatch League, Jack in the Box is diving bobblehead-first into esports. And what better way to ingratiate yourself than by moving right on in with a pro team?

News - 05.08.19

David&Goliath helps Imag!ne Snacks fuel imaginations

Kids have incredible imaginations. Yet these days packed schedules can leave little room for free thinking and imaginative play. That’s why IMAG!NE is feeding hungry imaginations by providing clever snacks with wholesome ingredients like cheese, apples, and cranberries that spark kids’ creativity.

News - 03.26.19

Purpose At Work: Lessons From Kia on Leveraging Marketing for Impact

Kia’s Big Game campaign, which aired during the 2019 Super Bowl, puts a purposeful twist on traditional car advertising. Historically, automobile manufacturers have produced “noisy” Super Bowl advertisements to capture eyeballs. Instead, this year Kia shared a more personal look into its corporate culture.