News - 03.31.20

How These Powerful Women Taught Me 5 Key Lessons in Leadership for the Times

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, President Yumi Prentice reflects on the powerful female leaders who inspired her throughout her career and the lessons she learned in resilience, empathy and authentic leadership which, more than ever, is a beacon of strength and wisdom during these unprecedented times.

News - 03.30.20

Nimble, Brave & Innovative: AdForum Interview with Director of Communications Planning Jeff Cannata

With how quickly our current situation with COVID-19 is changing it is more important than ever to keep your pulse on what is happening in culture.

News - 03.30.20

The Courage To Evolve

Let's be the ones who evolve from this crisis. Our time is now. Founder David Angelo shares his 10 thought-starters to a more evolved industry.

News - 03.23.20

Reel Women 2020 Features D&G's Director of Business and Legal Affairs Natasha Royzina

Meet Natasha Royzina. This REEL WOMAN was born and raised in the Ukraine. Moved to San Francisco where she studied Law and Society at the University of California, Santa Barbara and went onto Southwestern for Law School. And is a powerhouse both on the agency and production sides.

News - 03.20.20

United We Shine: How We Might Truly Evolve From This Crisis

Behind every setback is a greater comeback. Founder David Angelo shares words of inspiration and possibility during these challenging times. There's nothing we can't do together.

News - 03.17.20

Reel Women 2020 Features D&G's GCD Lixaida Lorenzo

Meet Lixaida Lorenzo. She is a REEL WOMAN who started her career 18 years ago as an intern at JWT San Juan, and through blood, sweat and tears worked her way up to become an amazing GCD at David&Goliath leading the creative efforts for Jack in the Box.

News - 02.15.20

The Reel Black List Features D&G's EP Karen Jean

Karen Jean is a fearless woman. She has to be working at David&Goliath, whose mantra is to “be brave.” The production veteran joined the agency in 2013 and has dedicated nearly two decades bringing creative to life.

News - 02.06.20

Tough Never Quits: AdForum Interview with ECD Mark Koelfgen

We knew much of the Super Bowl would be star-studded and wacky. To stand out, it helps to be different.

News - 02.04.20

Kia's Super Bowl Effort Nets $1 Million For Homeless Youth

Automaker used the Super Bowl to tell story of NFL star Josh Jacobs, who lived in a car with his family.

News - 02.03.20

Forbes: Purpose At Work: How Kia Leverages Advertising for Impact

Brands that utilize their marketing to make a positive impact gain earned media, word of mouth advertising and consumer attention.

News - 01.30.20

The TODAY Show: Kia's Super Bowl Commercial Tackles Youth Homelessness

Kia’s commercial for Super Bowl 54 addresses youth homelessness with help from Oakland Raiders running back Josh Jacobs.

News - 01.29.20

Raiders Running Back Josh Jacobs Talks to His Younger Self in Poignant Kia Super Bowl Ad

For the second year running, Kia has decided to shelve the tactics that car brands so often employ in their Super Bowl ads—celebrity endorsers, stunt drivers, adolescent-grade humor—in favor of a sober and provocative message.