News - 12.23.17

Fast Company's The Top 5 Ads Of The Week Features Shine On Sierra Leone's 9 Mile Scroll

A website that scrolls for nine miles, representing the average nine-mile walk to school that kids in Sierra Leone have to take every day.

News - 12.21.17

Why David&Goliath Built a Website That’s 9 Miles Long

Walking nine miles to school every day, through hellish heat and merciless monsoons, past poisonous snakes, swatting away mosquitoes that carry malaria, dodging human traffickers along the way. Sadly, this is a daily routine for many kids in Sierra Leone.

News - 12.07.17


David & Goliath Worked on Pro Bono PSA for Esperanza. What might kids think of Trump's wall? A new video for Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project gives them a wall as a toy, and we find out.

News - 12.06.17

How Kids Reacted to a Lego-Like Toy Version of Trump’s Wall

A diverse group of kids offer their opinions of a Lego-style toy, simply called”The Wall,” in the video below. The youngsters aren’t very impressed, and they’re not exactly wallflowers when it comes to expressing their pint-sized points of view.

News - 11.03.17

David&Goliath for Kia

David&Goliath has dropped a new campaign for its successful Kia client and this time the brand is taking a new route. And guess what? The hamsters must be back home because none are in sight in this new Sorento spot.

News - 10.31.17

No Hamsters in New "Out of Nowhere" Campaign for Kia Sorento

Kia is taking a different route for its new campaign for the SUV model, Sorento, and there’s not a hamster in sight. Instead, driving through the dusty desert defines freedom for the auto brand and tackles higher-end competitors.

News - 10.29.17

Jack in the Box Invites The Competition For New Premium Burger

Jack in the Box isn’t stinting on advertising support for the launch of what it is touting as the fast food industry’s first ribeye burgers. Ribeye may indeed be a first, but offering higher-priced burgers is not.

News - 08.29.17

California Lottery wants players to dream in black in campaign from D&G

The California Lottery is using a luxurious dream sequence to promote its new California Black Premium Scratchers Series. Created by agency of record David&Goliath, the new work combines the dream of winning $5m and the product’s color: black.

News - 08.23.17

Indie Agency David&Goliath Shores Up Its Leadership Team With the Hiring of a New President

David&Goliath today named former consultant and ad industry veteran Yumi Prentice as its new president, effective Sept. 5. It marks the latest in a series of changes for the Los Angeles-based independent agency, which is perhaps best known for campaigns promoting Kia and Jack in the Box.

News - 08.22.17

On Eclipse Day, Advertisers Shoot for the Moon

Everybody wants in on the astronomical action, including big brands from fast food to eyewear.

News - 07.31.17

David&Goliath Expands Its Charitable Projects by Hiring Its First Director of Philanthropy

Agency also broadens its Today, I'm Brave initiative.

News - 07.24.17

David Angelo picks his three favorite ads in Adweek's Best Ads Ever

The true test of a great piece of advertising, for David&Goliath's David Angelo, is something that’s timeless and resonates with people long after it’s been released into the world.