News - 09.10.20

David&Goliath Names First Director of Empathy

In this role, she will conduct workshops to “unlock empathy” at the 180-person shop, recruit underrepresented professionals and focus on fostering an environment where BIPOC employees can grow.

News - 07.30.20

We Need to Uproot Racism From the Top. It’s the Right Thing to Do

"True commitment to eradicating racism must not only be a constant in the workplace but also go beyond the walls of your company." - D&G Founder David Angelo

News - 07.29.20

Desperate Jack Jumps Out the Box to Find His Funko POP

D&G lead Jack in the Box’s Buyback Plea campaign for SDCC, when the desperate Jack Box couldn’t get his own POP! figure he reached out to fans to buy one back

News - 07.28.20

Hollywood action director chases off sedan category's sedate image

3 stunt drivers. 2 ramps. 1 shot to get it right. Kia's K5 campaign by D&G features adrenaline-fueled, livestream stunt-driving demo directed by renowned action director Darrin Prescott.

News - 07.22.20

Kia Made a Summer Blockbuster Parody Where the Product Features Are the Hero

As the title suggests, this cinematic send-up from D&G and Slice director Ozan Biron focuses on vehicle attributes. It's a thrill ride—and a shill ride! (In a good way.)

News - 07.17.20

Stacy's Enlists Its Agencies To Support 'Rise' Project

D&G to create custom ads for each of the 15 female founders chosen for the 2020 Stacy's Rise Project.

News - 06.17.20

From Ego to Empathy: A CEO's Perspective for Industry Transformation

"This is a watershed moment for all. An opportunity for us to look at how we live our lives, how we move forward and how, together, we can eradicate systemic racism for good." - D&G Founder David Angelo

News - 06.12.20

Kia makes the open road look as magical as it did when cars were first invented

"The open road has never been more appealing. Months of isolation makes tarmac look like the white beaches of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. New spot by D&G invites us to explore this summer."

News - 06.08.20

Real-Time On A Real Issue: Industry Responses To The Murder Of George Floyd, Racial Injustice And Inequity

Industry round-up featuring D&G Founder on the necessary steps to address racial inequity and injustice.

News - 06.02.20

Empathy Doesn’t Need Our Words. It Needs Our Action.

D&G Founder on the poignancy of an ad he made 30 years ago.

News - 05.19.20

The great shift towards purpose: 8 steps that can lead you there

"Change is constant. And right now, there's never been a better time to bring purpose into the lives and brands that have been longing for change." - D&G Founder on leading with purpose.

News - 05.18.20

Share the '#JoyGivers' and Lay's will donate $50 to Feeding America

"The Frito-Lay North America brand teamed up with David&Goliath to create the cause. It’s simple, really: Celebrate the random acts of kindness and joy people are sharing online, and help feed those less fortunate."